3,5 hour tour

Experience the lifestyle of an husky musher during this spectacular tour in the Norwegian wilderness. You will travel by dogsledge through snow covered forest and get familiar with the outdoor skills of a musher.

When: Tour dates available from start December until the start of April

Where: Osen (Åmot, Hedmark, Norway)

Length: +/- 3,5 hour

Number of participants:  Minimum 7 persons

Price: 1100 NOK (108 euro) per person

The area:

Hedmark county covers the most eastern part of Norway and is the most forested area of Norway. The village Osen, where the husky farm “Huskylife” lays, is situated on the north side of a large lake (Osensjøen). The lake is surrounded by endless forests which cover the beautiful hilly landscape. In this part of Norway there is a lot of snowfall during winter, making it ideal for dog sledding. Once the snow starts falling, the scenery looks like it was directly taken from a fairytale. The village lays only just over 2 hours driving from Oslo Gardermoen international airport, making it an easy destination for foreign visitors. However, the secluded location of the village makes it a still undiscovered pearl.

Additionally to the endless forests, impressive landscapes and perfect conditions for dog sledding, Hedmark is also know for the wildlife. Moose, roe deer, red deer, black grouse and capercaillie thrive here. It is also the only area in Norway where all the four large carnivores (wolf, lynx, wolverine and brown bear) live. Although the chance of encountering one of these animals is quite small, it is very likely to come across their tracks during the dog sledding trips.

The dog musher / guide:

Nichlas Stensrud

How does the tour look like:

This tour suits groups of 7 persons or more. Each participant will get a dog sledding tour who’s approxomately 12 km long and takes about 70 minutes. Meanwhile when the others in the Group are out in the forest, the ones who’s at the kennel will get to do other activities. You will get the opportunity to feed Our big charolais cattle With bread, pet With the dogs who are left in the kennel and keep warm around a fire that we provide. There will be served hot beverages and snacks. For an additional cost you can order a warm meal With charolais beef that is produced on the farm.

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